Dr. Reeves and Kristen discuss leadership and inclusion

Kristen Prinz & Dr. Arin Reeves

Leading researcher, author, and advisor on leadership and inclusion, Dr. Arin Reeves from Nextions is our guest in Episode 16.

In this episode of “Tales from Around the Water Cooler

Dr. Reeves and Kristen talk about how each organization is its own universe and within the bounds of the law have the freedom to create a work culture of their choosing.

What is the capacity and responsibility of all organizational participants in creating a thriving workplace culture? What are the values behind that culture?

  1. The impact radius of leadership and the cascading effect
  2. Ideas on managing inappropriate behavior when you are or aren’t in charge
  3. The #metoo movement and how to be an ally
  4. The intersectionality between positions of power, #metoo, and perspectives of reality

Learn more about Dr. Reeves and Nextions by visiting their website at: https://nextions.com/

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