ATWC EP2 – Emily Lonigro of LimeRed Studio – Empowering employees and building a Certified B Corp

Emily Lonigro

Employment horror stories, horrifying tales of employees/employers, negative/positive company culture. Lessons learned as an employer.

In this episode of “Tales from Around the Water Cooler“:

  1. Hiring the perfect match –
  2. Empowering employees –
  3. Letting go
  4. Certified B Corp

Kristen Prinz interviews Emily Lonigro, president and owner of LimeRed Studio, a UX Agency that is both B Corp. & WBE certified. Emily touches on her journey of empowering her employees and building a Certified B Corp company culture.  Emily gives tips to Hire a perfect match, personality test and so much more!

Certified B Corp, company culture, empowering employees, employee loyalty, finding the perfect employee match.

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